Hydrofoil Top Speed: Fast 111KM/H!

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    Hydrofoil top speed depends on several factors, including the design of the hydrofoil, the size and shape of its wings, the power source (if it’s a powered hydrofoil), and the type of watercraft it’s attached to. So, if you understand it, we can need to know the types of hydrofoiling because the different hydro foiling types will have different max speed.

    Kite foiling max speed

    Hydrofoiling Types:

    Hydrofoil Boats: Watercraft like sailboats, powerboats, and even ferries equipped with hydrofoils. When the boat reaches a certain speed, the hydrofoils lift the hull out of the water, reducing drag and allowing for smoother and faster travel.

    Surfboard Hydrofoiling: The same operating principle as the foiling boat, the surf foil will be installed in the bottom of the surfboard. And surfers use these to ride above the water’s surface.

    Kite Foiling: Riders use a kite to generate lift and propel themselves above the water’s surface by the wind. The difference with the pumping foil, you can use the kite to push. So, this kind of board also needs the foot strap to support the surfer to do the action.

    Wake Foiling: Similar to wakeboarding or wakesurfing, wake foiling involves riding a wakeboard with a hydrofoil attached. As the boat generates a wake, the rider uses the hydrofoil to lift the board above the water for a smooth and thrilling ride.

    Windsurf Foiling: In windsurf foiling, a hydrofoil is attached to a windsurfing board and sail. This allows windsurfers to lift out of the water and glide smoothly, even in light wind conditions.

    SUP Foiling: Some stand-up paddleboards are designed with a hydrofoil attachment, enabling paddlers to elevate the board above the water and glide with minimal resistance. SUP foiling requires balance and skill.

    Hydrofoil Sailplanes: Hydrofoil sailplanes, known as hydro gliders or hydrofoil-assisted gliders, use hydrofoils to reduce water resistance and improve takeoff performance in water takeoff and landing scenarios.

    Hydrofoil Ferries: In some regions, hydrofoil ferries are used for passenger transportation. These vessels use hydrofoils to lift the hull above the water, reducing friction and allowing faster and more efficient travel between coastal destinations.

    Hydrofoil Water Bikes: Hydrofoil water bikes are recreational watercraft that combine pedal power with hydrofoil technology. Riders can pedal the bike and use the hydrofoil to lift the front wheel out of the water, creating a smooth and efficient ride.

    Hydrofoil Top Speed For Different Types


    Human-Powered Hydrofoils: Hydrofoils that are manually operated, such as pedal-powered hydrofoil bikes or paddle-powered SUP hydrofoils, typically have a top speed ranging from 5 to 10 miles per hour (8 to 16 kilometers per hour). Generally, the hydrofoil max speed largely depends on the rider’s strength and skill. But the human-powered hydrofoil top speed can not be too fast.

    Human-Powered Hydrofoils Hydrofoil Top Speed (1)

    Wind-Powered Hydrofoils: Hydrofoils attached to sailboats or kiteboards can achieve higher speeds. Racing sailboats with hydrofoils, like those used in the America’s Cup, kite foil top speed can reach exceeding 50 knots (57 miles per hour or 93 kilometers per hour) in ideal conditions. Kiteboarders can reach speeds of 20 to 40 knots (23 to 46 miles per hour or 37 to 74 kilometers per hour) or more when using hydrofoil boards. So, the wind-power hydrofoil top speed is 93KM/H.

    wing foil Hydrofoils Hydrofoil Top Speed (3)

    Electric-Powered Hydrofoils: Electric hydrofoil surfboards, also known as efoils, are capable of speeds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour (24 to 40 kilometers per hour), depending on the model and battery capacity. Some high-performance electric hydrofoil top speed can even reach speeds beyond 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour).

    Efoil surfing

    Motorized Boats with Hydrofoils: Motorized boats equipped with hydrofoils, such as foiling yachts or powerboats, can achieve impressive speeds. Racing fastest hydrofoil boats have been known to reach speeds exceeding 60 knots (69 miles per hour or 111 kilometers per hour), while commercial hydrofoil ferries often cruise at speeds of 35 to 45 knots (40 to 52 miles per hour or 65 to 83 kilometers per hour).

    Motorized Boats with Hydrofoils

    So, the hydrofoil top speed we can find in this post is the motorized boat hydrofoil; the record speed is 111km/h. If you want to buy or know about hydro foil product information, welcome to click on to link to have a check.

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