Hydrofoil Screw set

Hydrofoil Part: Screw Set

Unity Sports provide hydrofoil screw set as a accessory for hydro foil set, and customer can choose their screws color and box. 

The sample is available.

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Custom Colors

Generally, the default color is the sliver but if we also can provide many different color of them for your options.

Hydrofoil screw colors
Screw type

Types of The Hydrofoil Screws

Generally, we have two options for customers, one is the torx screw, and another one is the hexagon screw. If you have requirement about them, please contact us for more details.

Set Includes

Hydrofoil screw set (2)

This set is designed for hydrofoil installation, which includes: 

  • 1× Screw Box; 
  • 7× M8(30) Screw; 
  • 6× M6(30) Screw; 
  • 2× M6(25) Screw; 
  • 4× T Nut; 
  • 1× T30 Wrench; 
  • 1× T40 Wrench.
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