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    In recent years, hydrofoil surfing has become increasingly popular, and as people’s interest grows, so does the market demand. Today, we’re going to discuss a product that differs from traditional hydrofoil surfing and has significant market potential: Foil Assist. It is also called foil drive which combines electric propulsion with traditional hydrofoiling equipment to provide a boost, allowing for a smoother and more controlled foiling experience. We will introduce this product from various dimensions, so let’s dive in and discover more of its mysteries!

    Foil Assist foiling on the sea

    What is a Foil Assist?

    A foil assist for foiling is an advanced system designed to enhance the hydrofoiling experience by providing additional propulsion. This technology helps riders achieve and maintain the necessary speed and lift to “foil” above the water’s surface more easily and consistently. Such as the wing foiling, surf foiling, and SUP foiling water sport.


    The Advantages

    Unlike traditional non-power hydro foil products, the foil assist can provide the propulsion to start the foiling sport while waiting for the wind or wave power. This is a revolutionary change for the foilers, you will not know until you use it. So, this reduces the difficulty of getting up on the foil, making hydrofoiling more accessible to newcomers. And also allows for foiling in a wider range of conditions, such as light wind or choppy water, where traditional foiling might be challenging.

    But you might say that electric hydrofoils are also revolutionary products, as they have similarly transformed the need for traditional foiling products to rely on external power sources. However, compared to electric hydrofoils, the Foil Assist is more compatible, lighter in weight, and more affordable.

    For instance, a full electric hydrofoil weighs at least 30kg or more. Imagine how exhausting it is to carry it from the beach to the water. Even worse, after you’re done, you have to haul this heavy equipment back out of the water. Not all surfers can enjoy this “burden.” Excitingly, the new Foil Assist systems are much lighter approximately 6-8kg, and can be installed on various boards. You can attach it when you want to use electric power and easily remove it when you don’t, making it incredibly convenient.



    • Recreational Use: Popular among hobbyists who want a smoother and more enjoyable foiling experience.
    • Instruction & Training: Used by instructors to help students learn foiling more quickly and safely.
    • Competitive Foiling: Offers competitive riders an edge by providing additional power and control in races or difficult conditions.
    • Other Possible Applications: paddleboard, kayak, and canoe thruster, with the battery technology development(like the Solid-State Battery), the foil assist is also possible to push other watercraft. So, maybe shortly, it will have an electric assist product for every surfing product.

    Foil assist system application
    What are the components of foil assist?

    Before using a foil assist, you should know the main components and functions of it. A Foil Drive system, used in hydrofoiling to provide additional propulsion, typically consists of several main components.

    1. Electric Motor

    • Function: Provides thrust to assist in propelling the hydrofoil.
    • Mounting: Often mounted on the mast or fuselage of the hydrofoil.

    2. Battery Pack

    • Function: Powers the electric motor.
    • Features: Rechargeable, with a specific runtime depending on capacity.
    • Placement: Typically placed in a waterproof compartment or mounted securely on the board.

    3. Remote Control

    • Function: Allows the rider to control the motor’s power and thrust levels.
    • Design: Handheld or sometimes integrated into a foot pedal for hands-free operation.

    4. Motor Controller

    • Function: Regulates the power from the battery to the motor, managing speed and efficiency.
    • Integration: Often integrated with the battery pack or motor housing.

    5. Mounting Hardware

    • Function: Securely attaches the motor and other components to the hydrofoil board.
    • Components: Brackets, screws, clamps, and quick-release mechanisms for easy installation and removal.

    6. Propeller or Jet

    • Function: Converts the motor’s power into thrust.
    • Types: Traditional propellers or water jets, depending on the design.

    7. Wiring and Connectors

    • Function: Connects the battery, motor, and controller, ensuring efficient power transfer.
    • Features: Waterproof and durable to withstand marine environments.

    8. Cooling System (Optional)

    • Function: Keeps the motor and battery from overheating during extended use.
    • Design: Can be water-cooled using the surrounding water or air-cooled with built-in fans.

    9. Safety Features

    • Function: Ensures safe operation of the foil drive system.
    • Components: An emergency stop button, automatic shutoff when not in use, and protective casings to prevent accidental contact with the propeller or motor.

    A Foil Drive system enhances the hydrofoiling experience by providing additional propulsion, making it easier to achieve and maintain foiling. Its main parts include the electric motor, battery pack, remote control, motor controller, mounting hardware, propeller or jet, wiring and connectors, cooling system, and various safety features. Together, these components work seamlessly to provide a smoother, more controlled foiling experience.


    The Foil Assist Brands

    Because the foil assist is a new product, there not many brand on the market. Here’s a detailed introduction to three notable foil assist brands: Foil Drive, Manta Foil, and STOKE FOIL BOOST, covering their products, pricing, power, and other relevant details.

    1. Foil Drive

    Foil Drive is a brand dedicated to providing electric propulsion systems designed to enhance the hydrofoiling experience. Their systems are known for compatibility, lightweight design, and affordability.

      • Products: Foil Drive offers various kits that can be attached to existing hydrofoil boards.
      • Price: Prices for Foil Drive systems generally range from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the kit and its features.
      • Power: The systems typically feature motors with around 600-800W of power, providing sufficient thrust for various hydrofoiling activities.

    2. Manta Foil

    Manta Foil offers a range of innovative hydrofoiling products, including electric foil drives. They focus on providing high-performance systems suitable for both recreational and competitive use.

      • Products: Manta Foil offers eFoil kits that include the board, foil, and electric propulsion system.
      • Price: The prices for Manta Foil systems typically range from $4,000 to $6,000.
      • Power: The systems usually come with motors delivering around 1,500W to 2,500W of power, providing robust performance and higher speeds.


    STOKE FOIL BOOST is known for its high-quality electric propulsion systems that aim to make hydrofoiling more accessible and enjoyable.

      • Products: STOKE FOIL BOOST provides retrofit kits that can be added to existing hydrofoil setups.
      • Price: Prices for STOKE FOIL BOOST systems range from $2,000 to $4,000.
      • Power: Their motors generally offer around 800W to 1,200W of power, balancing performance with ease of use.

    These three brands—Foil Drive, Manta Foil, and STOKE FOIL BOOST—offer unique advantages to cater to different needs within the hydrofoiling community.

      • Foil Drive: Ideal for those seeking a lightweight, compatible, and affordable solution.
      • Manta Foil: Best for high-performance needs, including competitive and advanced recreational use.
      • STOKE FOIL BOOST: A balanced option for those looking for good performance at a reasonable price, with user-friendly features.



    As technology advances, Foil Assist systems are expected to become more efficient, with longer battery life, more precise control mechanisms, and greater power output. Future innovations may also focus on reducing the environmental impact, such as using sustainable materials and improving energy efficiency. This is why we call it a Great Electric Personal Surfing System. If you are interested in custom hydrofoil assist or if you have an electric personal watercraft design that needs OEM service, welcome to contact us without any hesitation.

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