Foil Wing Cover High Quality Surfing Bag 3 Layers

This foil wing cover is made of high-quality Oxford nylon & foam with a beautiful football pattern, which is suitable to cover the hydrofoil front wing. It can protect the front wing from strike damage as well as it can keep the foil dust-free. What’s more, it has 3 layers of materials for the structure, the first is Oxford nylon, the middle is foam, and the inside layer is waterproof. So, you will not worry about the water will ooze after foiling.


Foil Wing Cover Specification:

  • Size: 92*30cm
  • Type: Front Wing Cover (The foil carrying case, rear wing cover, mast & fuselage cover are also available, contact us to know details)
  • Material: Oxford nylon & foam
  • Logo:  customized
  • Function of the cover: Physical damage & Sun damage protection

Foil Wing Cover Description

Safeguard your hydrofoil’s front wing with our premium protective cover, meticulously designed to provide top-tier protection and convenience. Crafted with robust Oxford nylon and cushioned with high-density foam, this cover protects your front wing from physical impacts and sun damage.

Our front wing cover is specifically tailored to fit a range of hydrofoil front wings, measuring 92 by 30 centimeters. It is part of a hydrofoil comprehensive protection series, including the foil carrying case, rear wing cover, and mast & fuselage cover. Contact us for more details on these complementary products.


  • Customizable Logo: Personalize your cover with your logo for a unique and professional touch.
  • Physical Damage Protection: The combination of Oxford nylon and foam provides a resilient barrier against scratches, dings, and other potential damage during transport or storage.
  • Sun Damage Protection: Protect your wing from harmful UV rays that can degrade materials over time, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Invest in the best protection for your hydrofoil equipment with our Foil Wing Cover. For additional information or to customize your order, contact us today.

  • Size: 92*30cm

The foils for different brands have different sizes and shapes, so the cover requirement is also different. We welcome customers from all over the world to ask us to customize the hydrofoil cover & case. The LOGO, materials, shape, and structure are available.

The Requirements for Customized Service

  • MOQ: No minimum order quantity
  • Slate Fee: Yes, it will be evaluated according to your design
  • File Requirement: All the design file you want to make


1500 Foil Wing Cover size

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