Hydrofoil Wing

Unity Sports produce various front & rear hydrofoil wings for surfing with different kinds of material and surface craft. They are lightweight and high-hardness, which is a great choice for thoese customers who want to sell their product with a good performance, especially for customers who wanna set up their own brand. As a professional manufacturer of surfing products, we can control our product quality as good as those world-famous surfing brands, like AXIS, Takuma, LIQUID FORCE, and so on.

Front hydrofoil wing

Rear Wing

The foil rear wing, also called the stabilizer or tail Wing, which provides stability and control by counteracting the lifting force generated by the front wing. It helps maintain the hydrofoil’s balance and prevents it from tipping forward or backward excessively.

We have 3 shapes for customer choice, they are 335SQcm(37.8cm), 339SQcm(42cm),  and 355SQcm(40.2cm). Meanwhile, OEM & ODM services are available.

Front Wing

The hydro foil front wing is primarily responsible for generating lift as water flows over its curved surface while the hydrofoil is in motion.

It elevates the board and rider above the water’s surface. A larger front wing generally generates more lift, allowing for earlier takeoff and stability at lower speeds. Meanwhile, the front wing also play a important role in action control.

Our regular fron wings have 1400SQcm, 1500SQcm, 1800SQcm, and 2100SAcm. And we also can provide the custom servcie for you.

378 Rear Wing
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