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As a 10+ years experience hydrofoil surfing product manufacturer, we provide the different kinds of hydro foils for sale, wholesale, as well as custom foil for surfing boards, like wake, wind, SUP, kite surf, efoil, etc. Private label & OEM mould are available for you. Meanwhile, customer can choose different materials, wing types, mast & feselage length, and topplate types for their foils.

Our Surf Foils Application

Wing Foil
Wing Foil
Surf Hydrofoil
Wakeboard Hydro Foil
SUP Foil
SUP Hydro Foil
Efoil surf
E Hydro Foil
Sail foil surfing
Wind Foiling
Kite surf
Kite Surfing

Regular Foil Sets Wholesale

If you don’t need to customize the hydro foil, you can choose our regular model, and we have different sizes for your options. You don’t need to set up a mold, but you still can choose the surface techniques, material, color, and print your Logo.

For them, 1 piece is our MOQ, welcome to contact us for more details.

Custom A Hydro Foil

Many surfing companies will sell their design to ensure the hydro foil looks different. So, if a manufacturer can provide a good OEM service is very important for them. As a professional surf foil factory, we can provide all kinds of custom hydrofoil services.

You can customize a foil exactly, including the product’s shape, appearance, material, pattern, craftsmanship, and logo for surf foils, making your Hydrofoil look unique. 

Material For Your Options

Unity Sports is a hydrofoil manufacturer that has its own new material R&D department, and customers can choose the materials like carbon fiber, glassfiber, G-10, and other composites. Welcome to contact us to get the latest information.

Carbon Fiber Surf Foil
Glassfiber Foil
G10 Surfoil
Carbon Fiber
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