Hydrofoil Bag

A hydrofoil bag is a specialized bag designed to protect and transport surf foil equipment. These bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different hydrofoil setups and different surfing brands. They typically feature padded compartments, straps, and handles to secure the foil components and make them easy to carry.

Unity Sports not only produces various surf composite products but also supplies bags & covers, such as the full hydro foil set bags, front & rear wing covers, mast & fuselage covers, etc.

We have our own long-term cooperation hydro foil bag factories that have been making various bags for surfing products for many years. They are professional and can provide different patterns, materials, and processes to make your foil bag high-end, elegant, and stylish.

Welcome to contact us anytime to learn more about bag customization. For the carbon fiber hydrofoil product, welcome to click the link.

Hydrofoil Cover

Here are some items for your reference. The 1400/1500/1800/2100 is the front wing cover, and the 400/410/420 is the rear wing cover. These items are for reference only because different brands and items have different sizes and designs. Welcome to contact us to custom yours.

1400 & 1500 wing foil bag
1800 & 2100 wing foil cover





hydrofoil rear wing bag




Hydrofoil Bag

This type of integrated bag can not only protect the water wing itself, but also facilitate storage and transportation. Moreover, some products can be waterproof depending on the choice of materials and design. In general, we have a wide variety of materials available. Such as nylon oxford, EPE foam, and so on. Please feel free to contact us by email to learn more and tell us your needs.

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