Best Standup Paddle Gold Carbon Fiber 3K Twill Wholesale

This is one of the best standup paddle, which is made of Gold Carbon Fiber. It refers to carbon fiber material that incorporates gold coloring or accents, typically achieved through specialized coatings or treatments. It retains the structural and performance properties of traditional carbon fiber while exhibiting a visually distinct golden hue or accents.

Gold carbon fiber stand up paddle inherits the properties of standard carbon fiber paddle, such as high strength, lightweight nature, durability, and resistance to various environmental factors like water, temperature changes, and chemicals. Welcome to contact us for more details.


Best Standup Paddle Specification

  • Material: Gold Carbon Fiber (Red, Blue and Purple is available)
  • Section Type: 3-pieces paddle
  • Suitable for: Adult Type SUP paddle
  • Length: 175-215cm(68.9-84.6inch) adjustable
  • Blade: 7.0
  • Custom Service: Available




Gold Carbon Fiber Standup Paddle Features

Crafted with high-quality gold carbon fiber, this standup paddle showcases a luxurious aesthetic, perfect for enthusiasts seeking both style and performance. The gold color accentuates its high-end appeal

Versatility meets comfort with an adjustable length range from 68.9 inches to 84.6 inches. This feature caters to various user heights and paddling styles, ensuring a personalized experience on the water.

Designed for portability and convenience, this paddle features a three-piece section structure. Easily dismantle it into three segments for compact storage and effortless transport, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go use. But if you need the 2-pieces, 4-pieces, and fixed type are also available.

Constructed using cutting-edge gold carbon fiber material, this paddle guarantees superior strength, durability, and lightweight performance. Its design ensures a comfortable and efficient paddling experience, suitable for adult users in various water conditions

Combining elegance with functionality, this paddle not only stands out visually with its gold finish but also delivers optimal performance for standup paddleboarding enthusiasts seeking a high-end experience on the water.

  • Paddle Total Length: 68.9-84.6inch (175 to 215cm)
  • Blade Length: 50cm/19.7inch (The blade bottom to the connection position)
  • Blade Size: 42*18cm (16.5*7.1inch)

Best Standup Paddle

As a composite manufacturer, we can provide the custom service for any stand up paddle. Such as the colors, shape, logo, and so on.

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