Efoil Kits

An electric foil kit includes all the necessary components, like the electric motor, battery, remote controller, hydrofoil mast and wings, board, charger, safety equipment, and accessories.

They are used to convert a regular hydrofoil board into an electric-powered hydrofoil board. Hydrofoil boards are designed to lift out of the water as speed increases, riding above the surface on wings, or foils, which reduces drag and allows for a smoother and faster ride.

Electric Surfboard E-foil Kit Whosale

Unity Sports provides the complete efoil set for you. So you don’t need to collect different spare parts from different companies. In our production line, you can choose different sizes, materials, powers, riding time, etc. 

We welcome wholesalers and brander from around the world to contact us to discus the project.

OEM & ODM service is available.

Efoil kit
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