Carbon Double Sided SUP Paddle

The double sided SUP paddle is designed to make paddling easier and more efficient, allowing for a more streamlined and stable paddling experience. It eliminates the need to switch sides while paddling, making it easier to turn, pick up speed, and maintain balance. Meanwhile, when it needs to be a single sided stand up paddle, you can change it by an inner shaft to realize.


Double Sided SUP Paddle Specification:

  • What Includes: 1× Shaft, 1×Inner Shaft, 2×Blade with Shaf
  • Blade Material: Carbon Fiber/ Glassfiber/ Nylon
  • Shalf Material: Carbon Fiber/ Glassfiber/ Nylon/ Aluminum
  • Function: It can be a double-end SUP paddle as well as a single sided paddle


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Double Sided SUP Paddle Description

This paddle offers versatility and function, allowing for multiple configurations for different styles of paddling, such as standing with a one-sided SUP paddle, sitting down with two blades, or using it as a standard-length two-sided paddle in various water conditions

The benefits of a double-sided SUP paddle include improved balance, greater stability, and the ability to paddle nearly twice as fast as usual, making it particularly useful when paddling upstream, into the wind, or carrying an extra passenger

Meanwhile, customers can choose different kinds of blades, shafts, clamps, and handles from us. For more details about paddle options, welcome to click the link to have a check.

There are various materials for your options. For example, carbon fiber is a high-performance option for paddleboarding. It is constructed with 100% carbon fiber blades, which offer durability, lightweight, and excellent performance on the water. The paddle’s buoyant design and weather-resistant materials make it a reliable choice for various water conditions. For more details, welcome to send us inquiry, thank you.

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