Hydrofoil Mast

The hydrofoil mast is one of the parts of the surf foil set. It plays an important role in foiling. The hydrofoil mast for a surfboard is specifically designed to be mounted beneath the board and holds the hydrofoil wings that generate lift as the board gains speed.

As a surfing product factory, we also can provide other products like the hydrofoil set, other foil parts, efoil, surfboard, paddle, and so on.

Anodized Aluminum Mast

Our aluminum hydrofoil mast is anodized that has a good antioxidant capacity so that you can use it no matter ocean water or freshwater. And the color, width, and height can be customized. For example, we have 650mm, 700mm, 750mm, 800mm, etc. for choice. And the tallest size is 1200mm.

Anodized aluminum Mast
Full carbon mast

Carbon Fiber Mast/ Composite Hydrofoil Mast

Meanwhile, Unity Sports also provide the full carbon or other composite hydro foil mast for choice. These mastes are not only hard but also light, which is easy to carry them when surfing. The default width is 135 and if you need other sizes, we are available to custom also. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Unity Sports is a carbon mast manufacturer, if you need customized service, wlecome to contact us to get the information and samples.

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