Top Speed 50KM/H
Ride Time 90-180 Minutes
Reduce 30 % Weight
Stronger Power Korean Famous Battery Cell

We provide efoil for sale & wholesale & OEM service with competitive prices (it is also called electric foil, electric hydrofoil, or electric surfboard).

Meanwhile, the latest technical breakthrough and high-quality battery allow you to experience heightened speeds & an enhanced sense of control. This is why you can choose us.

Nowadays, E-foil surfing is becoming a more and more popular sport in the world, so a great riding feeling and a high-quality product are very important for the customer. So, selling a hydrofoil E foil has great market potential in 10years future.

As a professional manufacturing company, we have our own R&D team as well as a large of the experimental test data, which makes our e-foil’s parameters more accurate with the specification.  Meanwhile, We offer wholesale & OEM options for efoil electric surfboards at competitive price, allowing you to experience heightened speeds & an enhanced sense of control.  Welcome to contact us to get the efoil price quotes.

Unity Sports Electric Hydrofoil

Urider Electric Hydrofoil
UriderPro Hydrofoil Electric Board

Efoil Video Display

As an efoil manufacturer, we welcome you to choose different colors and board material, custom your logo, set up your mold, and so on.

Meanwhile, we not only can provide the whole efoil set for sale but can sell the parts & accessories at a good price as well. Like the e-foil motor, battery, board, remote controller, hydrofoil, bag, and so on.

And this is one of the battery hydrofoil surfboard video, if you need more details, please feel free to contact us.

Electric Foil Surfing Video

This video shows our 2nd electric foil board surf on the water, you can through it to know the performance.

As well as the vide also show the specification of the e-foil, its Max. Speed, Range, Charging time, board color, material, and so on. Click here to know know about the 2nd electric foil>>

Business Cooperation

As an electric surfboard manufacturer, we provide electric hydrofoil e foil surfboard sets for sale & wholesale & custom

For OEM Service

For those customers who want to custom

You can have your own electric board design, and we will help you set up the mold, test the sample, and do the production in the electric foil surf project. As well as we will also sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your design rights.

For Wholesaler & Retailer

For those customers who want to selling our e-foil

Those customers may not sell electric hydrofoils before, but they want to have a try. The low MOQ and fast delivery time is our advantage.

We will provide our motorized board for them, and they can also customize the efoil LOGO, patterns, colors, or EVA. 

Efoil Ordering Guide

BoardMaterialBoard Surface DesignBoard Color MotorControllerBatteryEfoil ESCMax Speed in the WaterPacking Bag


90L Volume


Color paint



KV: 100KV

Dimension: Length: 252.5mm

(with propeller part)
Diameter of propeller: 171.2mm

Weight: 2.9 kg (propeller included)

Type: 2.4G Wireless Blue tooth
Working Mode (Speed Limit): Low/Mid/High
Screen Display: Working mode, Throttle,

Motor Revolutions Per Minute(RPM),

Motor power, Motor current, Battery level, Signal strength, Temperature of ESC
Weight: 150g

Capacity: 35AH
Dimension: 38×31×9.5cm
Nominal Voltage: 52V 14S
Charge Time: 3 Hours
Minimun Charge Time (with high-power charger): 1.5 Hours
Endurance: More than 2.5 hours
Waterproof: IP68
Weight: 15KG


Type: FOC
Max working voltage: 60.9V
Continue Current: 150A
Peak current: 180A
Nominal output power: 6000W
Waterproof: IP67
Communication interface: RS485
Digital throttle: Support
Protecting: Locked-rotor protection,

Overcurrent protection, Short circuit protection, Overvoltage protection,

Undervoltage protection, Overheat power protection,

Input signal identification, Throttle loss protection.
Weight: 520g

Integral pocket
Carbon Fiber
3K Surface
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Special Custom
Light Blue
Special Custom
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