Efoil Remote Controller

Remote Controller Features

This electric hydrofoil remote controller has an IP68 waterproof protection level to ensure the remote control can withstand water immersion and harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for efoil use.

Meanwhile, 3 pre-set speed modes offer flexibility and control, allowing you to adjust your speed to suit the conditions and your riding style. It not only has a long-lasting battery life to provide extended use without needing to recharge frequently but the wireless charging design is convenient for use.

Wireless efoil remotes eliminate the need for a tether, which can get tangled in the water or on the efoil itself. This can be a safety hazard, especially for beginners. For more product information, welcome to contact us.

You can customize their brand name on the display screen.  As well as the function and control distance.

Efoil Remote Controller For Sale

We can sell complete e-foil kits and parts of it, like the controller, board, motor, or battery.

People can customize the controller’s appearance, display, and some functions of it. Welcome to contact us for more details.

efoil remote
efoil remote controller
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