We supply different kinds of hydrofoil sets with a ONE-STOP solution and you can choose the parts with custom service, like the wings, mast, fuselage, foil bag, etc. 

A Hydro-Foil Set Includes Generally

  • 1* Front hydrofoil wing
  • 1* Foil stabilizer
  • 1* Feselage
  • 1* Foil Sur Mast
  • 1* Hydrofoil base, also called top-plate
  • 1* All-in-one bag
Hydrofoil Set Display without bag

Assembly Your Hydrofoil Set

You can choose the parts as following below to make up a hydro foil set to meet your requirement.

As well as you can get the product to meet your design requirements. Set up a mold is also available.

For more requirements, welcome to contact us to get the quotation and catalog quickly!

Front Wings


Size: 86*23.3*7.7cm

Area: 1400sqcm


Size: 85*24*4.8cm

Area: 1500sqcm


Size: 94*25.2*5.3cm

Area: 1800sqcm


Size: 109.7*26.3*5.1cm

Area: 2100sqcm

Rear Wings


Size: 37.8*10.8*3.1cm

Area: 335sqcm


Size: 40.2*8.9*4.1cm

Area: 355sqcm


Size: 42*10.3*4.2cm

Area: 335sqcm

Mast & Fuselage

Carbon Mast

Length: 73/78/93cm

Width: 13.5cm

Aluminum Mast

Length: 65-100cm

Width: 11.5/13.5cm


Length: 65/70/76.5cm

Fit for Aluminum Mast: 115/135

Fit for Carbon Mast: 135

Mast & Fuselage

Hydrofoil Bag 1

Size: 103.3*35*13cm

Net Weight: 1.7kg

Hydrofoil Bag 2

Size: 119.5*35*13cm

Net Weight: 1.88kg

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