Efoil Parts Mast Top Plate Fairing Kit

Are you looking for the efoil parts? We are a manufacturer to provide this CNC anodized aluminum mast, top-plate, and fairing kit for electric hydrofoil. A traditional mast is not perfect for efoil because it has no design for wire and no mounting position for fairing. If you use the traditional mast, people have to do some modification by themselves, and manual modification by humans not only increases the workload, but also cannot control the accuracy, and it is easy to cause the modification to not match well.

But our efoil parts mast top plate and fairing kit can solve this problem perfectly.


Efoil Parts Mast Fairing Kit Specification:

  • Material:  6061-T6 aluminum
  • Craft: Anodizing
  • Color: Optional
  • Included: Mast, Top plate
  • Fit for motor: Flipsky motor 65161(Other motors are available)



This efoil parts mast fairing kit is designed for the electric foil, which is perfect for Flipsky motor 65161 (D65*L161mm) fitting.  These parts are produced by CNC, which not only have high quality but also can precisely control the tolerance. This makes you have better compatibility when assembling and matching, and you will not waste a lot of time because one part does not match.

Unlike other non-electric hydrofoil bases, it has enough space to let the wire pass through. Meanwhile, the anodizing process can prevent the part from rusting by water. As well as customers can choose the color and print the LOGO on the surface. For more details, welcome to contact us.

For more efoil products and parts, welcome click the link to have a check.

Mast Width: 115mm

Mast Length: 750mm

Fuselage Length: 700mm

This is the regular size but the products’ size and shape can be customizable.


We can provide customized services at different levels. For example, the size of the fairing can be modified and customized according to your click size. At the same time, the length, specifications, and shape of the product can also be customized. In addition, if you have your own LOGO to be printed on the product, we can also serve you.


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