2100sqcm Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil

This carbon fiber hydrofoil not only has a big area but is also lighter than other carbon aluminum fiber surf foil. Carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum, so a carbon fiber wing and mast will make the hydrofoil lighter overall. This can improve maneuverability and performance, especially for experienced riders. The mast is very important for a hydrofoil, so we specially strengthen the hardness of the mast. In our lateral breaking test, it can withstand 120kg without breaking.


Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil Specification:

  • Front & Rear Wing Material: Carbon fiber
  • Front Wing Area: 2100SQcm
  • Mast: Carbon Fiber
  • Fuselage: Anodized aluminum
  • Aspect Ratio Type: Medium
  • Sample: Available
  • Custom Service: Yes
  • Price: Send Inquiry

Compared with the aluminum mast hydrofoil, the carbon fiber mast hydro-foil is also stiffer than aluminum, which means it flexes less under load. This can improve responsiveness and control, especially at high speeds.

Although sometimes perceived as fragile, properly manufactured carbon fiber hydrofoils are surprisingly durable. Unity Sports after years of research and development, we have developed a carbon fiber hydrofoil that is both hard and light, solving the problem of hardness while reducing the weight of the product. This carbon fiber hydrofoil stiffness of the material helps to resist bending and impacts, while the epoxy resin used to bind the fibers together forms a strong protective layer.

What’s more, unlike aluminum, carbon fiber is not susceptible to corrosion. This is especially important for hydrofoils, which are constantly exposed to salt water. So, you don’t need to worry it will be corroded in one day.

Mast Size: 135mm width with 73cm, 78cm, 93cm, or customizable length

Fuselage Size: 65cm, 70cm, 76.5cm, or customizable length

2100sqcm Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil Set size


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Carbon Fiber Hydrofoil Set

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