IP67 Wireless Efoil Remote L/M/H For Efoil & Esurf

The ERC-01 Efoil remote is a wireless controller with an IP67 protection level, which is suitable for many kinds of personal electric watercraft, such as efoil, jet board, skateboard, and so on. The LCD screen can display the speed mode, battery power, etc. For more efoil products, welcome to contact us for more details.


Efoil Remote

  • Item: ERC-01 Remote Control
  • Protection Level: IP67
  • Speed Mode:  L/M/H
  • Screen: LCD
  • Connection Technology: Wireless
  • The charger: is included


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Product Details

The ERC-01 remote controller is a sophisticated device designed to manage the operation of an electric hydrofoil, which can control the watercraft’s power, speed, and display the situation for the device.

Meanwhile, the remote control is typically designed to be waterproof and ergonomically shaped for easy handling, even when wet. It often features a comfortable grip, allowing the rider to hold it securely during high-speed rides.

What’s more, built to withstand harsh marine environments, the remote control is typically made from robust materials that resist water, salt, and UV exposure. This ensures longevity and reliable performance in varying conditions.

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