75cm Efoil Mast Anodized Alu Electric Foil Part Wholesale

Unity Sports U-EAMast-115-750 is one of our regular efoil masts, it is designed as a part to be assembled by the electric foil manufacturers or DIY for personal use. The side position design on the mast is to facilitate the threading of wires, thereby enabling better connection of the efoil motor. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also greatly reduces the possibility of manual operation errors, making it very effective. Compared with the ordinary Unity Sports aluminum mast, it is not only made of 6061-T6 aluminum by die-casting and drawing but also CNC-machined with grooves.


Efoil Mast Specification

  • Item: U-EAMast-115-750
  • Length: 750mm/29.5” (Other size are available)
  • Width: 115mm/ 4.5”
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Surface: Anodizing Black (Black is regular color, but other colors are optional)
  • Custom Service: Available
  • Other Parts of Efoil: Available
  • Print Logo: Available (AI file is best)
  • Reference EXW Price: 22.06-70.59USD
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Efoil Mast Description

This mast, specially designed for electric hydrofoils, can perfectly match the installation of motors and wires, making it very suitable for companies that are just starting to produce efoils. As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the surfing industry, we can even give you some advice on design, such as the choice of hydrofoils and the length of the mast. In addition, besides the above parts, we can also provide customers with other accessories, such as front and rear wings, Fuselage, Topplate, Efoil board, propeller, and so on. Welcome to contact us for quotation and product details!

  • Length: 750mm/29.5”
  • Width: 115mm/ 4.5”

In addition, if you have other requirements for customization of the product, we can also meet your needs. Generally speaking, the factors that can be customized include the length of the efoil mast, the material (such as carbon fiber), the position of the wire outlet, the shape and size of the LOGO, and the overall design.

electric foil Mast size

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