1400 Wing Foil Cover Hydrofoil Bag

The primary function of a Wing Foil Cover is to shield your foil from physical damage during transport, storage, and handling. The cover helps prevent scratches, dings, and dents caused by bumps, impacts, or sharp objects. This is crucial, as foils are often made from delicate materials like carbon fiber and can be expensive to repair or replace. We provide the hydrofoil cover as an accessory, welcome to contact us and tell us your requirements.


Wing Foil Cover Specification:

  • Size: customized
  • Material: customized
  • Types: All-in-one bag, Rear & front wing bag, mast & fuselage bag.
  • Logo:  customized
  • Function of the cover: Physical damage & Sun damage protection


Wing Foil Covers are essential gear for protecting your valuable equipment. They shield your foil from scratches, dings, and sun damage during transport, storage, and use. This is crucial as foils are often delicate and expensive. Covers also prevent corrosion from saltwater and keep sand out.

Additionally, they keep your foil clean, organized, and easier to transport. Some even have handles or straps for convenience. While protecting your investment, they can also reduce noise and add a touch of style to your setup. So, whether you’re a seasoned foiler or just starting, using a Wing Foil Cover is a smart choice for ensuring the longevity and enjoyment of your gear.

Meanwhile, customers can custom the foil cover as their requirement, as well as the material. And welcome to contact us for more details.

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wing foil cover

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