1800sqcm Carbon Mast Wing Foil Foil

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This foil has a medium aspect ratio and 1800sqcm area, it is suitable for those beginner and intermediate surfers. Meanwhile, as a high-end type hydrofoil set, its mast and base are all carbon fiber material and integrated body. Unlike the aluminum mast, it has many advantages for use.


Carbon Fiber Mast Wing Foil Foil Advantages

  1. Lighter & strong, the mast made of carbon fiber will be lighter than the aluminum. Although it is lighter, the carbon fiber mast is also strong. In the transverse breaking test, it can bear 120kg without breaking, and in the lengthways testing, it can bear 350kg.
  2. With better corrosion resistance, the carbon fiber material is not rusty, so this is perfect for ocean water.

Wing Foil Foil Details

Carbon fiber wing foil foil is significantly lighter than aluminum, making the entire hydrofoil setup easier to handle and maneuver. This translates to quicker acceleration, less drag, and improved overall performance. The lightweight and stiff nature of carbon fiber leads to a much more “direct” feel, allowing you to react quickly and make subtle adjustments with ease.

This combination offers a good balance between the lightweight performance of carbon fiber and the affordability and durability of aluminum.

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Front Wing Length: 94cm

Fuselage Length (135): 62cm/700cm/765cm

Mast Length(1335): 65 to 100cm

1800sqcm Wing Foil Foil size

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1800 carbon mast hydrofoil

Hydrofoil Specification

  • Item NO.: U-C1800Set
  • Material: Carbon fiber mast and top-plate (integrated), Carbon fiber wings, Anodized aluminum fuselage
  • Front Wing Area: 1800sqcm
  • Fit Screw: M6 & M8 screw(Included)
  • Foil Bag: Available
  • OEM/ODM: Available
  • Aspect Ratio: Medium AR
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