Efoil Surfboard Remote Control 2.4G Wireless

This eFoil surfboard remote control is designed for effortless control, boasting a 2.4G wireless Bluetooth connection for seamless communication with the board. Its IP68 protection level ensures durability in water, enduring submersion up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. With wireless power charging, recharging becomes hassle-free. Offering versatility, the remote features three speed modes—low, middle, and high—allowing riders to tailor their experience based on skill level and preference.


Efoil Surfboard Remote Control Specification

  • Type: 2.4G Wireless Blue tooth
  • Working Mode (Speed Limit): Low/Mid/High
  • Screen display: Working mode, Throttle, Motor Revolutions Per Minute(RPM), Motor power, Motor current, Battery level, Signal strength, Temperature of ESC
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Charging: Wireless Charging
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Hydrofoil Remote Control Description

This Surfboard Remote Control not only looks beautiful, but it utilizes a 2.4G wireless Bluetooth connection, ensuring seamless communication between the remote and the eFoil board, offering convenience and reliability. So the rider will have perfect control feeling.

With an IP68 protection level, the remote is built to withstand water submersion as well as seawater. So, no matter in the river or the sea, you can use our product to brave the wind and the waves.

Meanwhile, the Surfboard Remote Control supports wireless charging, eliminating the hassle of dealing with cables and ensuring easy recharging between uses. The screen is the LCD type, which can display the battery level, Signal strength, Temperature of ESC, and so on. You can know the situation of the equipment.

Offering versatility in maneuvering, the remote provides three speed modes—low, middle, and high—allowing users to adjust speed according to their skill level and preference for a personalized riding experience.

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What can be customized?

  1. LCD display
  2. Control distance
  3. LOGO on the remotes
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