SUP Board Paddle Red Carbon Fiber

This SUP board paddle made with red carbon fiber maintains the performance benefits of standard carbon fiber while offering a unique, visually appealing design. Red carbon fiber inherits the robustness and lightness of regular carbon fiber. This combination results in a durable paddle that’s easy to handle and reduces fatigue during long paddling sessions. Meanwhile, it also looks beautiful and unique.  WELCOME to send us an inquiry to know more details. Thank you.


SUP Board Paddle Specification

  • Material: Red Carbon Fiber
  • Section of the paddle: 3-piece type
  • Blade: 8.0A
  • Function: Length Adjustable & Detachable
  • Surface: 3K Twill Matte Finishing, and we also can print your logo on the paddle.
  • OEM service: Available
  • Sample: Available
  • Price & Details: Send us an inquiry



SUP Board Paddle Description

This SUP Board Paddle is crafted from durable and lightweight red carbon fiber. The red coloration in carbon fiber can serve aesthetic purposes, allowing for customized or visually striking appearances in paddling sports.

Detachable design, the paddle can be dismounted into 3 pieces, a strategic composition that merges portability with customizable configurations. And easy to store and carry.

The paddle’s surface exudes sophistication, adorned with a 3K Twill Matte Finishing that not only offers a sleek aesthetic but also ensures a comfortable and reliable grip. Moreover, personalization knows no bounds as we provide the option to print your logo on the paddle, allowing for a customized touch to your gear.

Versatility meets comfort with its Length Adjustable feature, spanning from 175 to 215CM, catering perfectly to adult users of varying heights. This adaptability ensures an ergonomic and personalized experience for every paddler.

SUP Board Paddle size

For more SUP board paddle options, welcome to see our product page.

  • Paddle Length: 175cm to 215cm (69 to 84.5inch)
  • Blade area: 94sq
  • Size: 45*20.3cm

In a world where customization reigns supreme, the offering of an OEM service: Available ensures that individual preferences and tailored needs find fulfillment. And for those seeking firsthand experience, the accessibility of a Sample: Available guarantees an opportunity to test and embrace the prowess of these SUP boards.

red carbon fiber stand up Board Paddle

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