16.93” Foil Track Box

The foil track box is made of nylon, and the length is 16.93 inches/43cm, which is suitable for foilboard manufacturers or foil board DIY users. This is a regular size, it can be inserted into any board. This is a high-quality item that is really hard & strong, welcome to contact us to buy some samples for testing. And other sizes and designs are also available.


The Foil Track Box Specification

  • Item: U01-7
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 16.93 inches/43cm
  • Weight: Approximately 270g
  • Other Sizes: Contact Us


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U01-7 Foil Track Details

A foil track is a crucial component that connects a foil to a foilboard. It acts as a track system, typically embedded on the underside of the board, where the foil mast slides in and secures the foil assembly. The length is 16.93inch it can fit any board size, for more details, you are welcome to contact us, thank you!

  • Size: 16.93 inches/43cm

Welcome to contact us for a custom surfing product, thank you!

16.93'' Foil Track Box size

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