Foil Mount

What is a Hydro Foil Mount?

The hydrofoil mount is also called a foil board fin box. It typically refers to a structure or mechanism used to attach hydrofoils to a watercraft. Like inflatable foilboard, SUP board, wakeboard, etc.

And it would be the part of the foil board where the hydrofoils are attached. This mount is designed to secure the hydrofoils in place while allowing them to move or adjust as needed. 

The mounts often involve complex engineering to ensure proper attachment, durability, and maneuverability.

carbon foil mount picture
foil mount hot press machine

Custom A Foilmount

We have reach experience for foilmount production, customers can require us as their requirements. Such as the size, materials, shape, and surface design. But how to communicate with us about custom.

Generally, you can send the design to us, and then we will evaluate the feasibility and price. And we will produce the sample after everything is confirmed. 

However, if you don’t need the custom service, we also have our public mold for your options. You can order them directly.

For hydrofoil information, please click the link to have a check.

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