Wing Foil Mast Al AL6061T6 Hydrofoil Surf Part

Unity Sports U-AM01 is a high-quality wing foil mast that can take over 150kg breaking test. It is made of AL6061T6 aluminum material that is durable and hard. The anodized oxide layer can resist the corrosion of ocean water, so your customer can use it in any water type.  Meanwhile, as a part of the hydrofoil, you can choose other colors and customize your logo on the mast. For more details information, welcome to contact us without any hesitation.


Wing Foil Mast Parameters


  • MPN: U-AM01
  • Material: AL6061T6 aluminum
  • Surface Craft:  Anodizing
  • Length: From 6500 to 12000mm
  • Type: 115 and 135

Wing Foil Mast Description

Constructed from premium AL6061T6 aluminum, our Wing Foil Mast boasts exceptional strength and durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of intense wing foiling sessions. We’ve rigorously tested our product to bear an impressive 150kg breaking test, giving you the confidence to push your limits and explore new horizons on the water.


Unity Sports Wing Foil Mast 150K bear testing


With a sleek and stylish black anodized surface, our Wing Foil Mast not only exudes elegance but also enhances resistance to corrosion and wear, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance even after prolonged use in various water conditions.

The Wing Foil Mast features a carefully engineered profile, promoting smooth water flow for reduced drag and improved efficiency. This design enables you to glide effortlessly above the water’s surface, conserving energy and extending your wing foiling sessions for more exhilarating experiences.

Wing Foil Mast Size

Designed with versatility in mind, our mast comes in a range of heights, catering to different skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for precise maneuverability with our 65cm mast or a beginner seeking stability and control with our 120cm mast, we have the perfect size to match your wing foiling needs.

Wing Foil Mast Size

As a leading manufacturer, we take pride in producing top-of-the-line hydrofoils designed for optimal performance and reliability.  Welcome to contact us custom a foil mast or other surfing products, thank you.

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