Surf Foil Screw Set Hydrofoil Parts

This is one of Unity Sports’ foil screw sets, and it is used as a part of the hydrofoil set. Generally, the hydrofoil will be used in rivers, lakes, and seas. So, the ability of antioxidants for the screw set is very important for surfers. And most of them are universal so that you can sell our screw set as an accessory for customers.


Surf Foil Screw Set

  • 1× Screw Box
  • 7× M8(30) Screw
  • 6× M6(30) Screw
  • 2× M6(25) Screw
  • 4× T Nut
  • 1× T30 Wrench
  • 1× T40 Wrench

Hydrofoil Screw Set Description

Meanwhile, the default screw color is the sliver, and if you have another requirement for the color, it is available for customization. It is only a part of the hydrofoil. If you need more product information, welcome to click the link to see more.

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