2100SQcm Front Foil

This front foil is a wing suitable for beginners because of its big area, and the area is 2100 SQcm. The surfer will find it relatively easy to control it when surfing. As a high-end surfing product, this foil is made of carbon fiber and can bear at least 150kg of pressure, which is hard and strong!


  • 10 Years OEM Manufacturer
  • Custom Service
  • Sample supply with Low MOQ


2100 Front Foil Wing Specification

  • Item Number: 2100
  • Material: Carbon Fiber (Glassfiber and G-10 composite are optional)
  • Surface technics: 3K (12K, Square, Jacquard, etc. are optional)
  • Surface Area: 2100 SQcm
  • Tip: Please see the foil product page or contact us for more optional options.
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2100 Front Foil Wing Description

If you are a surfing product wholesaler or retailer? Look no further! Let’s Introduce the Carbon Fiber Front Foil to You, a fantastic wing specially designed for beginners. Its generous wing area, boasting an impressive 2100 square centimeters, makes it an excellent choice for those just starting to ride the waves.


The Features of Foil Front Wing


1. Ample Wing Area: With its substantial 2100 SQcm wing area, this front foil offers beginners a substantial advantage. The larger surface area enhances stability and control while riding the waves, making it easier for newcomers to maintain balance and develop their surfing skills.

2. Easy to Control: Novice surfers often struggle with controlling their equipment. However, this challenge becomes a thing of the past with the Carbon Fiber Front Foil. Its design prioritizes ease of control, allowing surfers to focus on honing their techniques and enjoying the thrill of riding the waves.

3. Exceptional Strength: This foil is crafted from high-quality carbon fiber as a top-tier surfing product. This material choice ensures exceptional strength and durability, making it capable of withstanding the rigors of the waves. With a remarkable capacity to bear at least 150 kilograms of pressure, this foil is both robust and resilient.

2100 Surf Foil Fron Wing Size

  • Length: 1097 mm
  • Width: 263mm
  • Thickness: 33mm
  • High: 51mm
  • Surface Area: 219226mm²
  • Volume: 3141695mm³

What kinds of customized services you can get from us?

  1. OEM
  2. ODM
  3. Use our regular mold and change the material and color
  4. Logo & patterns printed on the product and packing
  5. Packing box

2100SQcm Front Foil size

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