339 Best Hydrofoil Stabilizer

Are you looking for the best hydrofoil stabilizer? Now you found the right one now, this is a high-quality foil back wing stabilizer and it can bear more than 150kg of strength. It is hard to damage it if you use it in the water foil surfing sports. This is because this stabilizer is made of the latest new material with carbon composites.


Best Hydrofoil Stabilizer


  • Item No.: U-420
  • Area: 339SQcm
  • Length: 42cm (16.5inch)
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Application: Efoil, Wingsurf, SUP foiling, Windsurf, Wakeboard foiling, kite foiling, etc
  • Installation: Lap type for this item, the inset type is also available
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U-420 Best Hydrofoil Stabilizer Details

The hydrofoil stabilizer, some people also call it a hydrofoil rear wing, which is a part used to improve the stability and control of the foil board. It consists of a small hydrofoil, which is a wing-like structure that extends below the waterline of the vessel. The primary role of a hydrofoil back wing is to reduce the rolling motion of the foilboard, which is particularly important in rough seas.

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As the best hydrofoil stabilizer in Unity Sports, this is an exceptional foil-backed wing stabilizer renowned for its robust performance, capable of withstanding over 150 kilograms of force without easily succumbing to wear and tear during water foil surfing activities. Its remarkable durability owes much to the innovative use of cutting-edge materials, specifically carbon composites, in its construction.

If you are interested in how the hydrofoil works, please click the link.

  • Area: 339SQcm
  • Length: 42cm (16.5inch)
  • Width: 10.3cm (4.0inch)
  • Volume: 236100mm³

Meanwhile, we provide OEM service, we welcome customers to do their own design. For more details, welcome to send an inquiry to us. Or if you want to know more about other hydrofoil parts, please click to have a check.

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