1500 Foil Front Wing

Unity Sports 1500 3K surface full carbon foil front wing is a great part for hydrofoil surfer and plays an important role in surfing stabilizing the balance. Different wing has different use in surfing, and the 1500 is smaller than the 1800 and 2100, which is harder to control in balance but flexible that can achieve many difficult actions. So, it is suitable for the high-end player.

However, we also can produce all kinds of hydrofoil parts, as well as the OEM & ODM service is available from us.  Welcome to contact us for more details.


Foil Front Wing Specification

  • Model NO.: U-CFW1500
  • Surface: 3K (12K and other crafts are available for custom)
  • Finish: Matt
  • Color: Black (Black is the default, blue, red, yellow, and silver colors)
  • Your LOGO & Patterns: Available



1500 Foil Front Wing Description

  1. Designed with hydrofoil enthusiasts in mind, the Unity Sports 1500 foil front wing boasts a sleek and durable construction, utilizing a full carbon fiber 3K surface for optimal strength and reduced weight. The carbon fiber construction ensures exceptional stiffness and responsiveness, delivering a dynamic surfing experience like no other.
  2. One of the key features of the Unity Sports 1500 foil front wing is its smaller size compared to the 1800 and 2100 models. This unique attribute enhances the foil’s agility and maneuverability, allowing surfers to conquer daring moves and execute complex actions with ease. However, this also means that the 1500 wing demands a higher level of skill and control from the rider, making it the perfect choice for high-end players seeking the ultimate challenge and reward.
  3. In the world of hydrofoil surfing, different wings serve distinct purposes, and the Unity Sports 1500 stands out as the ideal choice for experienced surfers craving excitement and pushing the boundaries of their abilities. Whether you’re aiming to ride the waves with precision or master gravity-defying stunts, this foil front wing is your ticket to elevate your hydrofoil game to new heights.

1500 Foil Front Wing picture

1500 Front Wing Size

  • Dimension: 850*240*32*48mm
  • Surface Area: 150752 mm²
  • Volume: 2067636 mm³

1500 Foil Front Wing size

Custom A Foil Wing

Due to the changing market demands, the foil front wings requirement is also changing. So, some customers need to custom a foil wing.

  • Firstly, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you about the custom service, which can protect your design.
  • Secondly, our team will assess your design and give you a quote.
  • Thirdly, produce the sample for testing
  • Fourthly, a trial order for market testing
  • Fifthly, place a mass production order
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