Hydro Foil Base Top Plate

Unity Sports U-AT01 hydro foil base is made of 6061T6 aluminum with an anodizing surface, which is durable and it can resist the erosion of the sea. It has 2 types of inserts, one is 115 and another one is 135. Both of them are used for different types masts. As known hydrofoil top plate, which is a part to connect with the foil mast and the surf board.


Hydro Foil Base Specification


  • Item Number: U-AT01 Topplate
  • Material: Al6061T6 aluminum
  • Surface Technics: Anodizing process
  • Type: 115/135

Hydro Foil Base Description

A hydro foil base, in the context of water sports such as surfing, kiteboarding, or wakeboarding, refers to the attachment point between the hydrofoil and the board. It is a critical component that allows the hydrofoil to be securely mounted to the board while still providing the necessary stability and maneuverability.

The hydrofoil base typically consists of a plate or a mount that is attached to the bottom surface of the board. This plate has holes or slots to accommodate the bolts or screws that secure the hydrofoil mast in place. The design of the base is essential for distributing the forces and loads generated during hydrofoil operation and ensuring a strong connection between the hydrofoil and the board.

Hydro foil bases come in various shapes and mounting systems, depending on the specific water sport and the brand of the hydrofoil equipment. Some bases have a standardized hole pattern, making them compatible with various hydrofoil brands, while others may be proprietary and designed specifically for use with a particular brand of hydrofoil.

As technology and equipment continue to evolve, hydrofoil base designs may also advance to improve performance, ease of use, and compatibility with different board types. If you are considering using a hydrofoil or have specific questions about a hydrofoil base, it is best to consult with manufacturers or experienced water sports enthusiasts for the most up-to-date information and recommendations.

Type Length








Surface Area




115 187 117 47 47 53906 233569
135 187 117 47 47 52350 263301

Custom a foil base is also available from us. How to custom the product you need?

  1.  Send us your design file, including the product shape, size, material,  craft, Logo, and patterns.
  2. We will evaluate the price
  3. Producing the sample for testing
  4. Bulk production

115 & 135 Hydro Foil Base Top Plate Display

115 & 135 Hydro Foil Base Top Plate

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