U-1800 Set Hydro Foils For Water Foiling Surfing

The 1800 hydro foils set has a wide, stable wing with a great aspect ratio, which can provide stability in various conditions. It offers a balanced and predictable ride, allowing you to maintain control and stability while riding waves, which is perfect for beginners.


Print your Logo on the surf foil, like on the wing, mast, fuselage, etc.

OEM & ODM services are available. Click here to see more custom hydrofoil service details.


Hydro Foils Information

  • Model No.: U-1800set
  • Custom Logo & Pattern: Yes
  • Wing Material: Carbon Fiber (3K surface), Glassfiber and G10 are optional
  • Fuselage/ Mast/ Topplate Material: Anodizing aluminum AL6061T6
  • Includes: Front Wing, Back Wing, Fuselage, Mast, Topplate, Screw Kit,  Bag (Optional)
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Hydro Foils Description

The 1800 hydro foil set is a common water foil kit with a longer front wing that ensures a smoother ride for beginners. It is one of the must-have models for beginners.

At the same time, this waterfoil has a medium aspect ratio of about 5.4, which is very suitable for daily hydrofoiling, such as wing foil, SUP foil, Downwind foil, and other surfing sports.

In addition, the front wing and tail wing are both molded from full carbon fiber, which is not only high-precision, smooth to use, and can fly well, but also lightweight, high hardness, and can withstand a force of 350kgf. It is a classic waterfoil that is both high-quality and easy to use.

In addition, customers can customize their brand logo on the product according to their needs. For more detailed questions, please contact us for more information.

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