U-1400set Surf Foil Hydrofoil Set

Hard & Light! Unity is a manufacturer to produce the best surf foilbest surf foilbes 3K carbon fiber hydrofoil for water sports, which can be used in wing foiling, kite foil, sup foil, hydro surfing, and so on.


Custom logo and custom bag service.
Good price, fast delivery, and ONE-STOP solution.


Best Surf Foil Specification


  • Model Number: U-1400
  • Custom Logo: Yes
  • Wing Material: Carbon Fiber, Glassfiber, or G10
  • Fuselage/ Mast/ Topplate Material: Anodizing aluminum AL6061T6
  • Includes: Front Wing, Back Wing, Fuselage, Mast, Topplate, Screw Kit, Bag (Optional)

U-1400 Best Surf Foil Video

The 1400 set is one of the best surf foil on the market. Compared to the 2100, it has a smaller size, which makes it slightly more challenging to ride and less suitable for beginners. However, its smaller and lighter design allows for better maneuverability, making it suitable for experienced surf foilers and elite wing foilers.

Additionally, this hydrofoil performs smoothly and efficiently in large waves due to its smaller surface area, providing users with a thrilling flying sensation.

As a professional manufacturer, we also offer customized materials for the hydrofoil according to the customer’s requirements. If you wish to have the entire set made of carbon fiber, we can accommodate that request. This would further enhance the product’s lightweight quality. Alternatively, we can also produce it using fiberglass and G10. For more detailed information, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

For more hydrofoil information, please click the link to check more.

Front Wing
Dimension: 860*233*77mm
Thickness: 33mm
Surface Area: 141000mm²
Volume: 2467600 mm³

Back Wing 420
Dimension: 420*103*42.5mm
Thickness: 15mm
Surface Area: 33895.9mm²
Volume: 236100 mm³

Back Wing 378
Dimension: 378*108*31 mm
Thickness: 14mm
Surface Area: 33543.6 mm²
Volume: 233585 mm³

Feselage & Mast
Interface: 115/135mm
Feselage Length: 650/ 700/ 765mm
Mast Length: 650/700/ 750/ 800/ 850/ 900/ 950/1000 mm

Thickness: 47mm

Customers have various options for customization when it comes to this hydrofoil kit. They can choose the size of the mast, whether it’s a top-mounted or flat-mounted mast, as well as the type of stabilizer wing, among other features. In general, we can meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Furthermore, we offer the option for customers to have their logos customized and incorporated into the best surf foil. This can enhance brand recognition and facilitate promotional efforts.

Moreover, since surfers in the market have different requirements for hydrofoils, many customers have unique designs. As a professional factory, we can assist you in manufacturing products based on your unique designs.

Contact us, and let us assist you in customization!

Best Surf Foil Application

Waterfoil surfing has become increasingly popular, and as a result, it has been widely applied to various types of surfing.
Such as the traditional wave surfing, wind wave surfing, inland wave surfing, and artificial wave surfing.

surf boil application

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