U-2100 Set 3K Foil Hydrofoil Hydro Set

The 2100 foil hydrofoil wings are made of carbon; its surface is 3 K carbon fiber, which is light & hard. Meanwhile, the hydrofoil fuselage and mast parts are made of anodized aluminum. They have great corrosion resistance, so customers can use them for seawater.

U-2100Set had a big front wing that could provide a stable riding experience, especially for the hydrofoil surfing beginner.


Foil Hydrofoil Specification


  • MPN: U-2100
  • Custom Logo/ OEM: Yes
  • Material
  • 1. Front & Rear Wing: Carbon Fiber (Glassfiber and G10 are optional)
  • 2. Fuselage & Mast & Topplate: Anodizing aluminum AL6061T6
  • Set Includes: Front & Back Wing, Fuselage, Mast & Topplate, Screw & Box, Cover (Optional)
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The 2100 hydrofoil has a big wing for foiling surfers and its area is 2100 SQ cm, which is friendly to the beginner. The set can provide a stable surfing feeling to the user. For more hydrofoil model selection, welcome to click the link to have a check.

Front Wing
Dimension: 860*233*77mm
Thickness: 33mm
Surface Area: 141000mm²
Volume: 2467600 mm³

Back Wing 420
Dimension: 420*103*42.5mm
Thickness: 15mm
Surface Area: 33895.9mm²
Volume: 236100 mm³

Back Wing 378
Dimension: 378*108*31 mm
Thickness: 14mm
Surface Area: 33543.6 mm²
Volume: 233585 mm³

Feselage & Mast
Interface: 115/135mm
Feselage Length: 650/ 700/ 765mm
Mast Length: 650/700/ 750/ 800/ 850/ 900/ 950/1000 mm

Thickness: 47mm

If you can not find the perfect foil hydrofoil from us, we are also available to provide a customized service.

What services we can do?

  1. Printing the LOGO or patterns on the product
  2. Setting up a mold and producing the shape to your requirements
  3. Choosing the surface techniques, like the 3K, 12K, paints, and so on
  4. Choose the colors you need
  5. Custom your packing solution
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