U-1500 Set Carbon Fiber Surf Foil For Sale

Providing different kinds of surf foil for sale with Logo custom service, high-quality products, and professional after-sale service. The 1500 set is lightweight and has excellent maneuverability, allowing you to make quick turns, carve smoothly on the wave face, and perform aerial maneuvers if desired.


Model Number: U-1500 Set Surf Foil For Sale

Material: Full carbon with 3K carbon fiber and anodized aluminum metal parts

Color: The default color is black; other colors are optional.

Set Includes: Front & Back Wing, Fuselage, Mast & Topplate, Screw & Box, Cover (Optional)


OEM Surf Foil For Sale

Reasonable price & Fast delivery

Made from China’s Top 10 surfing factory



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U-1500 Surf Foil For Sale Detail Description

The Unity 1500 hydrofoil – a compact, lightweight, and agile water wing that allows surfers to effortlessly change directions and perform a variety of maneuvers. Designed for experienced hydrofoil surfers, this set offers exceptional performance and versatility.

The front and rear wings of the Unity 1500 are meticulously crafted using the latest composite materials and advanced molding techniques. The result is a sleek, smooth carbon fiber finish that not only looks stunning but also enhances the hydrofoil’s durability. With its robust yet lightweight construction, this hydrofoil is guaranteed to become a surfer’s ultimate favorite upon first use.

Experience the thrill of the Unity 1500 hydrofoil and unlock a new level of surfing prowess. Its compact design, combined with its dynamic performance capabilities, makes it the perfect choice for those seeking an exhilarating hydrofoil surfing experience. Get ready to carve up the waves like never before!

Size Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) High (mm) Surface Area (mm²) Volume (mm³)
Front Wing 850 240 32 48 150752 2067636
Back wing 378/420 108/103 14/15 31/42.5 33543.6/33895.9 233585/236100
Fuselage 620/700/765 52/53 35 35 72070/75237/79205 301665/317538/336759
Mast 650~1000 135/115 14.98/15.53 14.98/15.53 / /

We not only can sell our regular surf foil products but also can do custom service for you. But what can you get the custom hydrofoil from us?

  1. Custom a LOGO on the product, bag, packing box
  2. You can require us to use the material in the product
  3. Custom your private mold with your design

Hydrofoil Set Surf Foil For Sale

The surf foils for sale made by Unity Sports are standardized and high-quality, so we won rewards from many customers in the surfing industry.  As well as they have wide applications in hydrofoil surfing, such as kite surfing, SUP surfing, hydrofoil wakesurf, windsurfing, and so on.  We welcome wholesalers, retailers, and distributors to contact us to establish a long-term partnership. For More foils products, welcome to click the link to see more.

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