K01 12K Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle

Our exceptional carbon fiber kayak paddle is meticulously crafted to provide paddling enthusiasts with unparalleled performance and durability. This paddle is expertly constructed using full carbon material, ensuring a lightweight, rigid design that enhances your kayaking adventures. Meanwhile, the length is adjustable design for it.



Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle Information:

Paddle Surface: 12K carbon fiber

Shaft Material: Full carbon

Adjustable Length: 10cm/4inch

Full Length: 85 inches to 89 inches (217 to 227cm)

Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle Description

The Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle features a striking 12K surface on both the blade and shaft, adding a touch of elegance to its already impressive functionality. The 12K carbon fiber weave not only enhances the paddle’s aesthetic appeal but also reinforces its strength, allowing for powerful strokes and increased efficiency in the water.

With adjustable length capabilities ranging from 85 inches (217cm) to 89 inches (227cm), this paddle offers versatility to accommodate paddlers of varying heights and preferences. The blade length of 20 inches (50cm) provides ample surface area, allowing for enhanced propulsion with each stroke. Furthermore, the paddle can be easily divided into two sections, enabling convenient transportation and storage.

One of the standout features of our Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle is its large blade with a pronounced curve. This design facilitates efficient water displacement, ensuring maximum propulsion and stability during each stroke. The substantial curvature of the blade enables better catch and increased power, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through different water conditions and propel your kayak with ease.

12K Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle size
12K Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle size

Custom A Kayak Paddle

Beyond its exceptional performance, our Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle offers customization options to make it your own. We provide the opportunity to add custom logos and patterns, allowing you to personalize your paddle and make a statement on the water.

Embrace the advantages of our Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle: its lightweight construction reduces fatigue, while the rigid carbon fiber material delivers superior power and responsiveness. Experience the thrill of enhanced performance and reliability as you embark on your kayaking expeditions with confidence.

K01 Carbon Kayak Paddle

Choose the Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle for a paddle that combines cutting-edge design, lightweight durability, and customizable options. Contact us today to inquire about purchasing this remarkable paddle and elevate your kayaking journey to new heights. For more paddle options, please click the link to see more. Thank you.

12K Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle picture

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