CM7.0 Paddleboard Oar

This SUP paddleboard oar paddle is made of full carbon fiber material with a mesh layer outside the blade. The paddle production in this process is not only strong enough but also lightweight. The outside layer is an inspired passage for it, which makes the oar look beautiful. Meanwhile, as a paddleboard oar factory, we also have various outer veneers for your options. If you are interested, welcome to visit the paddleboard paddle page to see.


CM7.0 Paddleboard Oar Specification

  • Item Number: CM7.0
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Blade Veneer: Mesh (Unitysports has many types for your options)
  • Section Type: 3 Piece
  • Blade Type: 7.0
  • Surface craft for handle, shaft: 3K matt finish
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Paddleboard Oar Description

Experience the perfect blend of strength, lightweight performance, and stunning aesthetics with our CM7.0 Carbon Fiber SUP Paddleboard Oar. Crafted with precision, this paddleboard oar is designed to elevate your paddleboarding experience to new heights. Here’s what makes it exceptional:

CM7.0 SUP Paddle Paddleboard Oar

Unmatched Carbon Fiber Construction: The CM7.0 paddleboard oar is meticulously crafted from full carbon fiber material, ensuring exceptional durability while maintaining an impressively lightweight design. It’s the ideal balance of strength and agility, enabling you to paddle with ease and efficiency.

Intricate Mesh Blade Veneer: The blade of the oar features an intricate mesh layer on the exterior. This not only enhances the oar’s structural integrity but also creates a captivating visual effect, adding a touch of elegance to your water adventures.

Versatile Blade Options: At Unitysports, we understand that personal preferences vary. That’s why we offer an array of outer veneer options for the blade, allowing you to select the one that best complements your style. Choose the design that resonates with you and sets you apart on the water.

Convenient 3-Piece Design: The CM7.0 oar comes in a practical 3-piece section type. This design offers the flexibility to assemble and disassemble the oar with ease, making it convenient for storage, transport, and adjusting the paddle length to suit your needs.

Ergonomic 3K Matt Finish: The handle and shaft of the oar feature a 3K matt finish that not only looks sleek but also provides a comfortable and secure grip. With this ergonomic design, you can paddle for hours with reduced fatigue.

If you’re ready to take your stand-up paddleboarding to the next level, the CM7.0 Carbon Fiber SUP Paddleboard Oar is the perfect companion for your adventures. To explore the full range of options and find the veneer that matches your style, visit our paddleboard paddle page today. Welcome to a world of paddling excellence.

Blade Size: 20*40cm

Blade Height: 50cm (the bottom to connected position)

Oar Height: Adjustable from 175cm to 215cm

Blade Angle: 8

Paddleboard Oar Size

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