Big Jacquard 7.0 Paddle for SUP Board Carbon

This is a 7.0 big jacquard paddle for SUP Board, and the big jacquard is a new craft for carbon blades. It looks classical & elegant, and it has great marketing potential. Meanwhile, this paddle is made of full carbon, so the paddle is hard and light.


C7.0 Paddle for SUP Board Information


  • Item Number: CC7.0BLMBFS-3BFSBLCGGC1-AS
  • Blade No.: C7.0
  • Blade Size: 18cm(W)* 50cm(L)
  • Paddle Type: 3-piece type
  • Blade Material: Carbon
  • Shaft Material: Carbon
  • Handle Material: Carbon
  • Full Length: 175-215cm adjustable
  • Surface Design:  Big Jacquard
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SUP Board 7.0 Paddle

A CC7.0BLMBFS-3BFSBLCGGC1-AS full carbon SUP paddle for SUP board is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to paddle for extended periods without fatigue. The weight reduction can also lead to improved performance and efficiency on the water.

Meanwhile, it is designed to withstand the rigors of paddling while remaining strong and sturdy over time. This SUP paddle has a modern appearance, appealing to those who appreciate aesthetics in their gear, which the customers should like.

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7.0 Paddle for SUP Board Banner
7.0 Paddle for SUP Board Banner

Big Jacquard 7.0 Paddle Size

Big Jacquard 7.0 Paddle for SUP Board Carbon Size

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