Adjustable SUP Paddle 3K Sliver

This is an adjustable SUP paddle that is combined with 3 sections, there are blade, outer shaft, and inner shaft, which is the 3 piece type stand-up paddle. Meanwhile, the length can be adjusted from 68.9 inches to 84.6 inches, this is suitable for adults.


The Adjustable SUP Paddle Parameters

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Carbon
  • Angle: 10°
  • Area: 88sqInch
  • Surface: 3K Twill Matt
  • OEM Surface: Yes
  • Sections: 3-piece

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Adjustable SUP Paddle Detailed Description

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Experience the ultimate in paddle flexibility and performance with our 3-Piece Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle. This meticulously designed stand-up paddle offers exceptional quality, versatility, and a superior riding experience.

Adjustable Paddle Length: This adjustable SUP paddle is ingeniously constructed with three sections: the blade, outer shaft, and inner shaft, allowing you to fine-tune its length to meet your specific needs. The paddle’s length can be effortlessly adjusted, ranging from 68.9 inches to 84.6 inches, making it suitable for adults of varying heights and preferences.

Carbon Fiber Construction: Crafted from premium carbon fiber material, this paddle boasts the perfect balance of lightweight agility and impressive strength. With its carbon fiber composition, you’ll experience minimal fatigue during extended paddling sessions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Easy Portability: Designed as a 3-piece paddle, this carbon fiber marvel is exceptionally portable. You can effortlessly dismantle it into its individual components for convenient storage and transportation, allowing you to take your paddle wherever your water adventures may lead.

Adjustable SUP Paddle Size


  • The length of the total paddle: 175-215cm(68.9-84.6inch)
  • Blade Length: 50cm/19.7inch (The blade bottom to the connection position)
  • Blade Size: 42*18cm (16.5*7.1inch)

This is an opportunity to have your brand shine on high-quality paddleboards. As a trusted manufacturer, we offer a partnership that allows you to bring your unique vision to life, whether you’re a seasoned watersports brand or just diving into the industry.


Our Advantages for Custom A Standup Paddleboard Paddle

  • Craftsmanship Beyond Compare:
  • Your Vision, Your Brand:
  • Choose from a range of high-quality materials, including premium foam cores, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and more.
  • Our commitment to quality is unwavering.
  • Our OEM Stand-Up Paddle is designed to excel in various water conditions.
  • The aesthetics of your paddleboard are as crucial as its performance.
  • At Unity Sports, we understand that the success of your brand is our success.

Adjustable SUP Paddle Size

In conclusion, our 3-Piece Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle is the epitome of versatility and performance. With a sleek silver finish, premium carbon fiber construction, and adjustable length, it’s an ideal choice for adults seeking an exceptional paddling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore the water, this paddle ensures that every stroke takes you a step closer to an unforgettable adventure on the water.

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