C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

The C8.0B is a full carbon fiber SUP paddle with a 3K surface design, which is light and hard. 9° blade angle can let you paddle in the water more efficiently. Meanwhile, the smooth hand feeling takes a great paddling experience for surfers. See the following information to know more details.


C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle Specification


  • Item Number:  C8.0B
  • Blade No.: 8.0B Carbon Blade
  • Blade Size: 20 cm(W)* 50cm(L)
  • Paddle Type: 3-piece type
  • Blade Material: Carbon
  • Shaft Material: Carbon
  • Handle Material: Carbon
  • Full Length: 175-215cm adjustable
  • Surface Design:  3K

C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle Description

Elevate your paddleboarding experience with our cutting-edge C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle. Engineered with precision and crafted from top-quality materials, this paddle is designed to take your performance to new heights.

An Extraordinary and Efficient Blade

The heart of this Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle lies in its extraordinary blade. With a generous 94 square inches (94SQ) surface area, the blade ensures optimal power and efficiency in each stroke. Measuring 50cm in length and 20cm in width, it perfectly balances agility and stability. The 9-degree blade angle is expertly calibrated for smooth, efficient strokes through the water.

Crafted from 3K twill carbon fiber, the blade boasts a striking aesthetic that complements its exceptional performance. This surface design enhances the paddle’s overall strength, durability, and responsiveness, making it the ideal choice for paddlers seeking the utmost performance in every adventure.


Adjustable Length Shaft

The C8.0 SUP paddle is constructed with 3K twill carbon fiber, and the shaft combines lightweight design with remarkable durability. Its slim profile minimizes wind resistance and fatigue, ensuring you can paddle longer and further with ease.

Meanwhile, the paddle spans 175cm to 215cm, offering various options to suit various paddler heights and paddling styles. With a maximum adjustable length range of 40cm, you can fine-tune the paddle’s length to optimize your performance and comfort on the water.

It empowers you to personalize the paddle’s length according to your needs. Whether you prefer a shorter paddle for maneuverability or a longer one for increased speed, the C8.0B adapts to your preferences for a truly customized experience.

For more standup paddle information, please get in touch with us or click the link to see more, thank you.


C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle size
C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle size

As a surfing product ONE-STOP solution manufacturer,  we have more than 20 sets of blade molds and different kinds of outer & inner shafts, clamps, and handles for your options. Welcome to contact us to custom a paddle.

C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle picture

Elevate your paddleboarding experience with the C8.0B Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle – the perfect blend of innovation, durability, and performance, all in one exceptional package. And send us an inquiry to know more details.

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