Fix Type Bag for SUP Paddle

The surfing bag for SUP paddle is available from Unity Sports, and this bag is designed for stand-up paddle storage and transportation, which is high-quality and convenient. You know that? A bag also can be a brand promotion if you print a Logo and slogan on it, and we can provide this service for you. Welcome to contact us to get more details.


A Long Bag for SUP Paddle Parameters:


  • Item NO.: U-SUPB-1
  • Material: 420D
  • Ideal for: Fixed Paddle
  • Custom Available: Logo/ Material/ Size/Pattern/ Shape
  • Sample: Available


Bag for SUP Paddle Description

A Bag for SUP Paddle is a versatile accessory that provides protection, convenience, and organization for your paddleboard gear. Whether you’re traveling, storing your equipment, or simply looking to maintain your paddle’s condition, a paddle bag can be a valuable addition to your paddleboarding gear.

So, buying a high-quality standup paddle bag is important for the users. Our paddle cover bag is made of 420D oxford fabric material, which is not only durable but also possesses a certain degree of waterproof functionality. This is why many surfing product bags are made of oxford.

Meanwhile, we also can produce other types of paddle, if you are interested, welcome to contact us.

fixed bag for sup paddle portable

Size: 175*25*4cm

Please tell us your requirements, we warmly welcome customers to custom a Stand-up paddle bag.

Besides, we also can produce standup board paddles, various boards, hydrofoils, and efoil, if you are interested, please click the link to have a check.

Bag for SUP Paddle size

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