OEM Efoil Foil Electric Board 90L Lightweight Carbon

This is a full carbon type Efoil foil electric board, which is lightweight and hard. It is an important part of efoil, which serves as the primary interface between the rider and the eFoil’s electric propulsion system, allowing for safe and efficient control while enjoying the experience of gliding above the water’s surface.

The surface craft of the board is 3K twill for this picture and if you need other types of surface techniques like 12K, Jacquard carbon, etc..


Efoil Foil Electric Board Specification

  • Item NO.: U-Cboard01
  • Made of: Carbon composite
  • Volume: 90L
  • Size: See the description
  • Surface: 3K twill
  • Customized service: Available
  • Other Electric Foil Set Parts: Click the link
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Foil Electric Board Description

Unlike the EPP material surfboard, the carbon fiber type is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. They are lightweight yet incredibly strong and rigid, making them ideal for applications where stiffness and durability are crucial. Which is not easy to be damaged or disintegrated especially surfing on the sea. From this perspective, the carbon type is safer.

Meanwhile, compared with glass fiber material board, the carbon type is lighter, this can reduce the weight when people carrry.

OEM Efoil Foil Electric Board 90L Lightweight Carbon

The size of U-Cboard01 Board


Size: 163*65.4*21.2cm(64.3*25.7*8.3inch)


Unity Sports can provide 2 options of customized service for you.

  1. OEM efoil board: We produce according to your designs including the mold, color, logo, pattern, surface craft, and so on. This kind of board is only produced for you.
  2. Use our regular foil board to do some customized service, these kinds of foilboard shapes also can find from other sellers but you can choose the color, surface craft, pattern & Logo, accessories, and packing.

Efoil Foil Electric Board

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