Urider Pro 3K Carbon Fiber Electric E Foil

Unity Sports Urider Pro electric E foil is a revolutionary item in 2023; it is made of full carbon and a 3K surface, which looks high-end and beautiful. Its 120L board only has super lightweight at 9.8KG, which is such good news for efoiling industry. Because it reduces 42%+ weight, please go to Waydoo’s website to check and compare if you want to know more. Their carbon fiber composite board is 15.62kg 110L.


Electric E Foil Short Specification

  • Max. Power: 6500W (And we accept custom)
  • Board Surface Design: 3K Surface
  • Board Material: Carbon fiber composite
  • Battery Capacity: 35Ah
  • Battery Nominal Voltage: 52V
  • Remote Controller: IP68 Waterproof (Suitable for seawater)
  • Custom Service: Available
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Electric E Foil Description

Urider Pro 3K Carbon Fiber Electric E Foil Specification
Urider Pro 3K Carbon Fiber Electric E Foil Specification

Urider Pro Electric E Foil szie

If you want to customize a unique Electric E Foil, we are happy to help. As a professional composite surfing product manufacturer with 10+ years, we have helped many customers to produce so many high-quality products.

Unlike a custom SUP paddle or a pumping hydro foil set, custom electric surfboard sets are a large project because they need to confirm the size and appearance and the ESC (Electronic Stability Control), machine coordination, and so on.  So, our engineers and sales will communicate with you during the project.

Welcome to contact us to get more details. Thank you.

Electric E Foil Features

  • This electric E foil board is 9.8kg (21.6lbs) 120L, which reduces 42%+ weight with other boards on the market.
  • Designed with seven years of hydrofoil experience designers. Which has a superior aspect ratio and provides an extraordinary driving experience!
  • Used renowned Korean brand cells! Stronger endurance & slower decay rate. Offering excellent shock and water resistance. The design is more reasonable, and the safety performance is higher!
  • In addition to being IP67 waterproof, the battery compartment has waterproof functionality, providing double protection for enhanced safety.
  • Even if the remote control falls into the water, it can float, eliminating the need to dive to retrieve the remote control.
  • The remote control has an IP68 waterproof rating and a maximum remote control distance of 400 meters. It has a strong signal penetration capability, which is unprecedented.
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