2nd Generation E Foil Surfboard

This second-generation E foil surfboard hydrofoil has been upgraded with the ECS and motor based on the original design, making it more reasonable in terms of design. It allows for a better distance from the water surface to enhance the flying sensation, and placing the ESC in the motor section improves heat dissipation, ensuring a more stable state. For more electric efoil options, welcome to click the link to have a check.


E foil Surfboard Hydrofoil Parameters


  • Rated Power: 8000W
  • Battery: 35AH/44AH
  • Max Speed: 50KM/H
  • Endurance: 2.5-3.5 Hours
  • Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Board Color: Blue, Gray, Black, Orange, Red, etc.
  • Board Surface Technics: 3K/ Color Paint
  • Board Material: Carbon Composite/ Glassfiber Composite
  • Standard Configuration: Secondary Generation ESC System, Battery, electric foil board, Controller, Hydrofoil
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EBV2-163 Efoil Detailed Description

2nd Generation E Foil Surfboard Banner

Moreover, it is equipped with a powerful motor to make it have the ultimate speed, of which the fastest speed can reach 50 km/H. If user have good skill about control, is will take a very good flying experience for them. Not only that, our second generation of electric hydrofoil has specifically enhanced the battery life time.  Which has through several corrections and upgrades, its battery life can reach the best 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours, depending on what configuration you choose.

Meanwhile, the composite electric foil board is the same as the first generation, it is lightweight is strong. The carbon fiber material type is only 9KG (for the board with EVA, cover but without battery and hydrofoil set), which is much lighter than other traditional E Foil Surfboard.

EBV2-163 efoil size

Size of EBV2-163 Efoil

Board Size: 163.3*65.4*21.2cm (64.3*25.7*8.3inch)

Volume: 90L


Yes, we can provide efoil custom service.

Welcome to send inquiry to us for more details.

EBV2-163 E Foil Surfboard Main Feature

EBV2-163 e foil surfboard main feature

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