C8.0A SUP Surf Paddle For Surfing Full Carbon

This is a 4 pieces type SUP surf paddle, and users can separate it into 4 parts like the picture shows. Designed for maximum portability, versatile length adjustments, air travel, and easy storage. Meanwhile, the C8.0A is lightweight and durable, as well as a comfortable grip. The blade angle of this model is 11 degrees; for more details, welcome to see the description.


As a factory of paddles, boards, Hydrofoils, and Electric surfboards, Unity can customize different patterns and Logos on your product and set a mold to custom the shape for you.

OEM & ODM services are available


SUP Surf Paddle Specification


MPN: C8.0A

Type: 4 Pieces SUP Surf Paddle

Material: Carbon

Surface: 3K Carbon Fiber

Length: 175-215cm(68.9-84.6inches) Adjustable


C8.0A Stand Up Surf Paddle Description

C8.0A is a 4-section type stand-up paddle, and it is made of total carbon material, which has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It is significantly lighter than paddles made from materials like aluminum or fiberglass.  So, it has many users, including men, women, and kids. Meanwhile, the 4-section type will have a better customer using experience in travel or carry.

C8.0A SUP Surf Paddle Picture

C8.0A Size

C8.0A SUP Surf Paddle

You not only can choose our C8.0A stand up surf paddle but also can set up a mold to custom a new product for you. Welcome to contact us for more details.

Logo Pattern Shape Material Surface
NO NO C8.0A C8.0A 3K
 Custom  Custom Other 50 Blades Other 50 Blades 12K
Custom Other 50 Blades Custom

The C8.0A SUP Surf Paddle

  1. Adjustable Length: The C8.0A SUP Surf Paddle can be adjusted from 175cm to 215cm, which allows you to customize the paddle’s length to match your height, paddling style, and water conditions. Adjustable paddles are versatile and can be shared among users or adjusted for various activities.
  2. Lightweight and Durable: This paddle is made of full carbon with a 3K carbon fiber surface,  which is lightweight to minimize fatigue during long paddling sessions.
  3. Comfortable Grip: The paddle’s handle provides a comfortable grip. Look for ergonomic designs and materials that offer a secure hold and reduce hand fatigue.
  4. Blade Design and Size: The 8.0 A type blade is 20.3 cm*45 cm in size, and its angle is 11°; this blade is suitable for more aggressive or high-intensity paddling. But if a smaller blade is better for recreational or long-distance paddling, as it reduces strain on the shoulders and arms. We have more than 50 types of blades for your options.
  5. Portability: This paddle is a 4-piece type, and it is easy to transport your paddle frequently or has limited storage space, which is better than the fixed, 2-piece, and 3-piece paddles for transportation or storage.
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