C7.0 3K Full Carbon Stand Up Paddle

The C7.0 is a great carbon stand up paddle for SUP surfing. It is made of full carbon and a 3 K surface, which is light-weight and high-quality as well as a good operational feeling. Users can use it to handle it and will not feel tired because of its weight. Meanwhile, the length of the paddle can be adjustable so you can adjust it to your requirement.


This item is suitable for adult but as a SUP paddle manufacturer, we also can produce the kid type, welcome to contact us for more details.


Carbon Stand Up Paddle Specification

  • Model Number: C7.0
  • Paddle Type: 3-section adjustable carbon fiber paddle
  • Blade: 7.0 Blade Carbon
  • Outer Shaft: Carbon
  • Clamp: Plastic
  • Inner Shaft: Carbon
  • Handle: Carbon

Full Carbon Stand Up Paddle Description

C7.0 Carbon Stand Up Paddle Picture
C7.0 Carbon Stand Up Paddle Picture

C7.0 Carbon Stand Up Paddle Size

A carbon stand up paddle also has many places to be customized and printed logo; please check the information below. And if you need to set up a unique mold, please send us an email with your design. Thank you.


1) Length mark: Laser logo-never fades

2) Blade logo :

  • a: Sticker logo: any graphic can do
  • b: Laser logo: only one color in a small size

3) Shaft: Any graphic can do
4) Length: You can cut any size as your requirements

5) Double blade type: Yes

Full Carbon Stand Up Paddle Features

  1. Made of complete carbon material, lighter and stronger than other paddles, like glass fiber and plastic-type.
  2. Users can use an adjustable length from 175cm to 215cm (68.9 to 84.6 inches) according to their needs.
  3. Manufacturer wholesale with good price, it can be customized LOGO.

For more paddles information, welcome to click the link to see more.

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