BC7.0 Bamboo SUP Paddle

Our Bamboo SUP Paddle is a masterpiece crafted with a perfect blend of carbon fibre and Bamboo veneer. This exceptional paddle combines the best of both worlds, showcasing remarkable resilience, unmatched strength, and effortless manoeuvrability.


Bamboo SUP Paddle Specification

  • Model Number: BC7.0
  • Paddle Type: 3-piece adjustable bamboo paddle
  • Blade: 7.0 (Carbon+Bamboo veneer)
  • Outer Shaft: Carbon
  • Clamp: Plastic
  • Inner Shaft: Carbon
  • Handle: Carbon

BC7.0 Bamboo SUP Paddle Description

The Bamboo SUP Paddle stands out for its exceptional strength and durability. The carbon fiber core provides a solid foundation, ensuring the paddle can withstand rigorous use and the toughest water conditions. The addition of Bamboo veneer enhances the overall strength and rigidity, offering superior performance and reliability. With this paddle in hand, riders can confidently tackle any adventure, knowing their equipment is built to endure.

The carbon fiber construction significantly reduces weight, enabling paddlers to effortlessly glide through the water with minimal effort. The paddle’s lightweight nature allows for longer paddling sessions without experiencing fatigue, making it the perfect choice for both recreational paddlers and professional athletes.

Bamboo SUP Paddle BC7.0

BC7 Bamboo SUP Paddle Size

Bamboo stand-up paddles have gained immense popularity among water sports enthusiasts, and for good reason. Bamboo not only offers a stunning aesthetic but also delivers exceptional performance benefits. It provides a natural flex that enhances paddle efficiency, making each stroke more efficient and powerful.

As a manufacturer, we take pride in offering customization options for our Bamboo SUP Paddle. We understand that every brand and individual has unique preferences and requirements. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to customize the Bamboo veneer appearance, paddle shape, and logo placement and even incorporate personalized patterns. This ensures that each paddle reflects the brand identity or individual style, creating a truly distinctive and captivating product.

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BC7.0 Bamboo SUP Paddle

Join us in revolutionizing the paddleboarding industry with our Bamboo SUP Paddle. Experience the perfect balance of strength, lightweight design, and customization possibilities. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our paddles to meet your specific needs and elevate your brand to new heights.

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