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    An Efoil folding propeller (electric hydrofoil surfboard) is a specialized type of propeller designed to improve the performance and efficiency of the eFoil. This propeller is specifically crafted for the unique needs of electric hydrofoil surfboards, which rely on electric motors for propulsion and operate in the water.

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    Unlike the traditional propeller on the electric foil device, it has many advantages when riding.

    The Folding Propeller Advantages

    1. Folding Design: The most distinctive feature of a folding propeller for eFoils is its ability to fold or retract the propeller blades when not in use. This folding action is typically controlled automatically by the eFoil’s electronics or manually by the rider. When the rider releases the throttle or stops using the motor, the propeller blades fold back, reducing drag and resistance in the water.
    2. Efficiency: Folding propellers are designed to maximize efficiency during eFoil rides. By folding the blades when not actively accelerating, the rider can conserve battery power and extend the ride duration. This is particularly important for eFoils, where battery life can be a limiting factor in how long a rider can enjoy their session.
    3. Safety: Folding propellers enhance safety by reducing the risk of injury during falls or when the eFoil is not actively being powered. With the propeller blades folded, there is less danger of the rider coming into contact with sharp or fast-moving blades.
    4. Hydrofoil Compatibility: These propellers are designed to work seamlessly with the hydrofoil system on the eFoil. They are typically engineered to provide the right amount of thrust and lift to get the hydrofoil out of the water and keep it stable during rides.
    5. Materials: Folding propellers for eFoils are often made from lightweight and durable materials like carbon fiber, Aluminum, and so on, which helps reduce overall weight and improve efficiency. Especially for the carbon composite material.
    6. Ride Experience: The folding propeller contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable ride on an eFoil by minimizing drag and maximizing the use of available battery power.

    Overall, the folding propeller for eFoils is a critical component that enhances the efficiency, safety, and overall performance of electric hydrofoil surfboards, allowing riders to enjoy longer and more enjoyable sessions on the water.

    The Brands of Efoil Folding Propeller

    It will be very good if an efoil can assemble a folding propeller like that. However, due to some factors, there are not many brands that have them. Here are 2 of them as following below.

    Lift and waydoo folding propeller

    Lift Folding Propeller

    The lift groundbreaking folding propeller designed for eFoils enables riders to effortlessly disengage the throttle and gracefully coast with the swells. When power is disengaged, the propeller’s dual blades swiftly retract, significantly diminishing water resistance. This two-blade setup excels in terms of efficiency.

    Waydoo Folding Propeller

    The Folding Propeller features a two-blade design intended to automatically fold when the rider releases the trigger on the hand control. This action minimizes water resistance, enabling you to conserve battery power during your ride and rely solely on the energy of the waves or swells. This accessory is an excellent choice for individuals seeking smoother wave and swell rides with extended gliding periods and reduced resistance.

    Waydoo Efoil Folding Propeller Specification

    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Overall size: 9x 7 x 3.3 inches
    • Weight: 0.5KG (1.1LBS)
    • 140 mm diameter (unfolding)

    All in all, efoil folding propeller is new, safe, and high-efficiency, which is worth having a try. Unity Sports also provides electric surf hydrofoil production and R&D, if you are interested in selling them, welcome to contact us to get the distributor price, thank you.

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